Karpov-Kasparov World Championship 1985 (Game 2)

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In the first game of the 1985 World Championship match, Garry Kasparov won with the White pieces and leads 1-0 after 1 game. Can his rival, the reigning World Champion Anatoly Karpov come back in the second game, and level the score? Or can Kasparov take an immediate 2-0 lead? This game was highly anticipated and both Karpov and Kasparov were confident. As usual, the colors were alternated, and Karpov was playing White.

Here is the game:
















This game was a great game. Kasparov gained a tempo in the opening and he was better at the start of the middlegame but Karpv exchanged his passive rook for both of Kasparov's bishops, which were active to take the edge.  Both players created a passed pawn, and Kasparov's move Qd2 gave the edge back to him. The queens were exchanged soon after, and Kasparov created a second passed pawn on the a-file. The e-pawn soon fell, also leading to the exchange of rooks. Then the battle was over the a-pawn, which Karpov took. Kasparov was able to take a kingside pawn, and create a passed pawn there but by then, the position was simplified enough fro Karpov to draw.

Thus, after 2 games out of 24, Kasparov leads 1.5-0.5

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