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12 | Opening Theory

The English Opening is one of the most popular in chess. Its record and the quality of its proponents compare favorably to any opening. Even the great champion of 1.e4, Bobby Fischer, took up the English Opening in his historic match against Spassky. GM Roman Dzindzichashvili is here to show you what attracted Fischer and countless other GMs to the English. Dzindzichashvili's coming loaded for bear with plenty of dangerous weapons and ideas to aid both White and Black players in incorporating the English into their repertoire.

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Learn to Play the English — Part 1: Overview to 1...e5! True to form, Dzindzichashvili dives into the sharpest variation first. After 1...e5, a reversed Sicilian position arises with fascinating and aggressive new wrinkles to explore for both players. (Intermediate to Advanced)

Learn to Play the English — Part 2: System with 3...c6! This time Dzindzichashvili throws a little love Black's way. He has some key theoretical recommendations for which White had best be ready. (Intermediate to Advanced)

Learn to Play the English — Part 3: At the Highest Level! Not sure if the English is topical enough for you? Dzindzichashvili shows how his analysis in part two was immediately employed successfully by Super-GMs — shouldn't you try it too?! (Intermediate to Advanced)

Learn to Play the English — Part 4: Overview to 1...c5! Usually, the symmetrical variation in an opening is fairly lifeless. That's not true for the Symmetrical English where Dzindzichashvili will reveal many pitfalls awaiting a careless player. (Intermediate to Advanced)

Learn to Play the English — Part 5: The Symmetrical Fianchetto! The Symmetrical Fianchetto variation is ill-named as Black almost immediately breaks the symmetry with ...d5, introducing sharp positional play that merits careful study. (Intermediate to Advanced)

Learn to Play the English — Part 6: Crossover into the Maroczy In a tour de force, Dzindzichashvili shows you how to handle the famed Maroczy Bind structure. This lesson will benefit those playing this structure on either side of the board. (Intermediate to Advanced)

Learn to Play the English — Part 7: Final Chapter In summation, it's time for a recap of critical variations and provides recommendations and sidelines to round out your English education. (Intermediate to Advanced)

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