lesson III (how to play chess)

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chapter IV

hello again,kann here last time i taught you a basic checkmate this time it's a stallemate ex:when a lonely king has no legall move including he has no checks it's known as stallemate eg:

just now you can see a pawn for black many will think that i mentioned a lonely king but there is a pawn look closely you can see that Black pawn is blocked by another white pawn it has no legall moves neither the king because it's black's turn to move he has no legall moves.that is 1/3 of a draw another 2/3 is if a White/black king is lonely (with or without a blocked pawn/pawns)white/black has to # the opponent king within 50 moves else it is known as a draw,the 3/3 draw is when 2 lonely kings are left in the chess board it is known as a draw because both kings cannot check the other

there are lot more other theoratical draws i will explain it to you in lesson 4 now for some checkmates:beginners mate.





chapter v

here is the notation for the four move checkmate: 1.e4 a6 2.Qf3 h6 3.Bc4 Rh7 4.Qxf7#.join me in lesson 4 for more chapters.take care,bye.

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