session II (how 2 play chess)

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session 2:hello all welcome to session 2,kann here now let's learn some strategys,note:try it yourself,if you did'nt get it click for solutions:

1 Rook endings:

some may think that a K+R v/s K is a draw,but it's not.anyway a K+R is not a simple technique to learn but either way just practice note:kc6 was played to show you the cut off made by the Rook.there are several types of Rook endings and this was the first one,the second Rook ending (as follows) is an ending which consists of K+R+p v/s K+R.


that video gives you a lot of info,about Rook endings.that was an important lecture (K+R+p v/s K+R).ok now you got that learned out it's time for the next ending.

2.Queen endings.

as you just saw a Queen mate is so simple to do.sometimes a K+Q v/s K+R may (40%)occur a draw.lets check our next video on Q endings.





ok that was an interesting video but we still have another Q ending to learn it's a video excersice watch the next video and understand the concepts.

there we are now before for the next chapter i want u to remember that in session 1 you were a beginner here we call you a pawn but now after passing session 1-session 2 you are in a Knight level.

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