Links to the Past II

Links to the Past II

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As in attics where things once used get stored out of sight and mind, old articles have a way of burying themselves under the weight of those that follow becoming lost and forgotten.

Sometimes it pays to put on an apron and gloves, wallow through the clutter, organize the disarray, dust of the pieces and give them a little light. 

You never know what you might find.

Blindfold Art

Morphy and Music

Warrior at the Chess Board

Siamese Chess

The German Morphy

First Brilliancy Prizes


Brenzinger the Forgotten

Visions of Morphy

Fun & Blood

How Chess Saved Beethoven

A Quiet Game in Germantown in 1762

Surprise Mating Attacks

Capt. Bertin's Gambit

A Story Strange and Sad

The Player I'd Most Like to Have Met

The Day the Stars Came Out

Martin Villemson's Gambit


Professor of Chess

Memphis Belle

The Duke

The Immortal Game

California Dreamin'

A History of Blitz

Reuben Fine: Speed Demon

Ernest Morphy, Chess King of New Orleans

Louis Paulsen

Rice's Gambit

The Queen of Chess

Lesser Known Games of Prince Dadian

A. D. Petroff

Ben Franklin and Chess


Anderssen als Problemkomponist

The Romance of Chess

Carl Friedrich Andreyevich von Jaenisch


Oh, How the Mighty Fall

The Famous Warsaw Café of Kiev

Berlin Schach-Cafés

of Cafés, Politics, Arts and Chess

Old Times

The Mandarins of the Yellow Button

Chess Clubs and History

Max Harmonist

The First U.S. Women Champion - Mona May Karff

The Rock Scrapbook

Paul Morphy's Chess Strength


Blind Simul

The Kolisch Supplement

The Dominican Order

Die Spielerfolge der Schachmeister

Living Chess

Paul Morphy Screenplay

Chess in the Vieux Carré

America's First Women's Championship Match

Chess Caviar

All About Mary

The Greenwich Village Gambit

How to Mate Your Opponent

Pfc. Seidman

A Potpourri of Traps

Serendipity Leads to Fischer and Beyond


The Lion of Chess

Problems of the Black Death


Let's Get Physickal


Great Early Chess Libraries of the United States

Chess-Playing Machines

An Incidental Champion

Enlightened Chess


Little Mother

The Northern Gambit

The Northern Gambit II

Today's Guest

Louis Paulsen II

Lionel Kieseritzky


Die Immergrüne Partie


Max and Dorothea


Honest Abe

The Man Who Saved Philidor

A Walk on the Wild Side, Part I

A Walk on the Wild Side, Part II

The Little Chess Village, Part I

The Little Chess Village, Part II

The Most Remarkable Match

Mr. Bone

Almost a Champion

An Hour With Morphy

Mementos of Morphy


The Killer Instinct

Shadow Pictures of the Vienna Players

Goose-Stepping Down Under

The Man with 1000 Names

The Ages of Chess

"Queer Moves in Chess"


Talks a Good Game

The Golden Age

Combinative Chess

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Beth Harmon, the isoLanni?

Beth Harmon, the isoLanni?

Rook Players

Rook Players