Locking the invader in

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I sometimes see my opponents charging in to attack with just one piece. That usually happens when I make a mistake (yeah, I tend to do those a lot) and leave a door open.

It is good for them if they cash in on my mistake and withdraw. They usually gain material; at best, I might regain tempo while they withdraw (or build an attack around the invading piece) But sometimes, they give me a small chance to fight back. I get a chance to lock the invader in and nix it

Conclusion: Look for ways to lock-in an attacking piece.

I got this idea when I read about an article somewhere about "Queen Hunt", where the Queen is the lone invader and it gets hunted inside the enemy territory. Here is my own version of it in a recent game with his knight. Hope you find it entertaining enough.

Please feel free to share your experiences and comments.

PS: The theme is somewhat similar to mauerblume's posts on "outlocked" bishop and "Euwe's bad bishop in prison". There are already too many diagrams on those articles making them difficult to load - hence this separate article.

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