Master vs Many: Vote Chess Games

Master vs Many: Vote Chess Games

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When a group of individuals come together for one mission, anything is possible. History tells us that one group can accomplish more together than any individual, no matter how much inner Chuck Norris that individual can harness.

But sometimes, strength in numbers just won’t compensate for terrible ideas… Just look at the state of world politics. So, before rolled out the next big group mission, we wanted to provide a believable premise.

In our Master vs Many Vote Chess competition, members get the chance to team with a group of members, in a vote-per-move format, to defeat our strongest staff member, International Master Danny Rensch and Friends: IM John Bartholomew and GM Simon Williams! With more Master vs Many Vote Chess Matches to come, look for video updates in this guide!

A group so knowledgeable as all of our members should have no problem beating one person, right? But the best part, even if you do lose, it’s easy to blame your teammates Wink

IM Daniel Rensch

Master vs Many: IM Rensch

Master vs Many: IM Rensch & Urschel

IM John Bartholomew

Master vs Many: IM Bartholomew

GM Simon Williams

Master vs Many: GM Williams

GM Alex Yermolinsky 

Master vs Many: GM Yermolinsky

GM Jesse Kraai

Master vs Many: GM Kraai

GM Melik Khachiyan

Master vs Many: GM Khachiyan

GM Dejan Bojkov

Master vs Many: GM Bojkov

IM Anna Rudolf

Master vs Many: IM Rudolf

IM David Pruess

Master vs Many: IM Pruess


Master vs Many: ChessBrahs

Make sure to check back regularly for new videos! 

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