Melik Suggests Video Series

Melik Suggests Video Series

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For 10 video lessons, GM Melikset Khachiyan is here to analyze his preferred variations of different openings. Melik is one of our favorite coaches but he is also a world-class player. Our lessons will come from games of his own and his students.

Lucky for you, Melik just can’t help himself. Each video has more than a few suggestions. In fact, Melik makes a habit of diving into the finer details of every position. This amazing series is jam-packed with educational value. Don’t miss out!

These videos explore multiple counters to the French, but that’s not at all. Study the Ruy Lopez, Caro-Kann, English and Philidor with GM Khachiya. Not only will you be impressed with his suggestions, but you’ll also learn strategies to implement throughout your entire repertoire.

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Melik Suggests: Handling the French! - Part 1 With a playoff berth on the line, GM Khachiyan faces a line in the French he recently lost against to the same opponent. A new strategy against GM Kraai was needed, so Melik turned to the Alekhine-Chatard Attack. Phase one of our French videos will examine the more aggressive and opened variations. (Intermediate to Advanced)

Melik Suggests: Handling the French! - Part 2 Openings are largely a matter of preference. For instance, the MacCutcheon, where Black opts to cripple White’s pawns, but keep his queenside tucked in. In this variation of the French, White’s position may seem flawed but Melik demonstrates the upside of beating Black in development. (Intermediate to Advanced)

Melik Suggests: Handling the French! - Part 3 This next video is a stunner. In the Winawer variation of the French, Melik observes one of his students. The result is shocking and the play is explosive. Watch White’s unique strategy baffle her opponent. Without a dark-squared bishop, Black never manages to secure both the b-file and the kingside. (Intermediate to Advanced)

Melik Suggests: Handling the French! - Part 4 Another French, and yet another Winawer. This time, GM Khachiyan reviews one of his games against a well-known adversary, GM Sevillano. Melik jumps into the Poisoned Pawn variation headfirst. White has many options in trying to defend the center. Take a look at Melik’s favorites. (Intermediate to Advanced)

Melik Suggests: Listen to Petrosian! Luck must be his middle name! GM Sevillano is featured in another “Melik Suggests” video, without having to do any work. This time, he plays a student of GM Khachiyan’s in a closed Ruy Lopez. You’ll learn strategies for both sides of the board here, especially for Black’s center initiative. (Intermediate to Advanced)

Melik Suggests: A Plan Against Killer Bs! In a must-win situation, Melik finds himself in an unorthodox variation of the English. Black tries to get cute with his bishops, but GM Khachiyan makes him pay shortly thereafter. By immediately grasping the center, White hindered his opponent minor pieces and took control of the game. Learn how a grandmaster evaluates in unfamiliar openings, so to never get caught off-guard. (Intermediate to Advanced)

Melik Suggests: A Plan Against Killer Bs! - Part 2 It’s tempting, but in reality the double-fianchetto just landlocks your own pieces. By neglecting to challenge the center, Black is allowing White to clog any long diagonals and control the direction of the game. GM Khachiyan once again exploits this flawed strategy and suggest multiple counters. (Intermediate to Advanced)

Melik Suggests: A Wild Game at the OC! What the Caro-Kann lacks in fireworks, it makes up for in solidity. Other more common openings against the King’s Pawn offer the chance to equalize early on. Yet the Caro-Kann allows Black the position and pawn structure to limit White’s room for error. In this Classical Nd7 variation, Melik finds a number of solutions to break Black’s kingside and stay ahead in the endgame. (Intermediate to Advanced)

Melik Suggests: The French Fries You! The Winawer has a lot of depth -- in fact, enough to generate yet another video of Melik’s suggestions and this time, from the other side of the board. Don’t get too excited, French players. GM Khachiyan is paired with Vinay Baht, one of the only players around sharp enough to take out Hikaru Nakamura on multiple occasions. (Intermediate to Advanced)

Melik Suggests: Roller Coaster Ride! We thought no one played the Philidor anymore, and we thought wrong. In another must-win situation, Melik employs the "passive’"variation and you won’t believe what happens! Watch our epic conclusion to the series, as the explosive yet complex battle of the center finally determines a winner! (Intermediate to Advanced)

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