Member Kingside Attack

| 20 | For Beginners

This is another issue of Move by Move Chess Improvement.

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I would like to thank alekspachalov99 for submitting this game!

Now let's begin:

(tactic puzzle: Easy) What should Black play next?

The tactic was not too hard to find, but I suspect that Black was more of a positional player than tactical one. Nonetheless, even positional players should watch for tactics!

Continuing on:

Attacking puzzle: How does Black continue the attack?

White played differently and prolonged the game, which allowed Black to keep attacking:

(tactic puzzle)
Black did not find the right move, and gave White a chance to stay in the game:

*Guess the Move*

In this game Black took advantage of some time-wasting moves by White and generated a kingside attack.
Always stop and look for a tactical blow! Positional and tactical elements complement each other - use them both!


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