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This is another issue of Move by Move Chess Improvement.

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I would like to thank Kancil660 for submitting this game!

Now let's begin:

What happens if Black takes the pawn on e4?

This is a fairly common motif but hard to see if you have not seen it before. Luckily Black knew this and thus the game continued on:
How would you play instead? Think more about how you would place the pieces, this one is given as a diagram rather than a puzzle:
Pawns can not go back and therefore are very committal. White now loses the ability to use the c4 square for his pieces - and the evaluation of the position changes tremendously!
The game continued:
What is White's plan? (Hint: identify the (possible) weaknesses in Black's position)
And now a bit of prophylaxis: Identify Black's idea, and prevent it
White missed this chance, and the rest of the game starts to go downhill:
White now finds a nice tactic:
So now the game is all confusing again, and White is back in the game!
Very quickly, a summary:
Pawns don't go backwards!
Look for possible weaknesses in your opponent's position... or create them!

I hope you have learned a little about positional chess - let me know what you think in the comments below!


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