New Mastery Course: Learn The Trompowsky Attack
IM Keaton Kiewra teaches the Trompowsky Attack.

New Mastery Course: Learn The Trompowsky Attack‎

NM SamCopeland
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Do you want to learn an excellent and diverse opening without a lot of theory?

IM Keaton Kiewra teaches the course for you! The Trompowsky Attack (1.d4 Nf6 2.Bg5) is an excellent try for an advantage that can easily throw Black into shark-infested waters.

IM Kiewra is a theoretical player who has long relied on the "Tromp" as one of his core weapons. He shows you the ideas that have worked for him, presenting you with many lines, traps, strategic weapons that you can deploy in your next game at the club, tournament or online. Lessons, Trompowsky Attack
Course Outline:

This course features eight lessons, including five videos on the most important theoretical lines and three videos showing an overview of important and inspirational ideas.

A Favorite Puzzle:

Every lesson features a video and five challenge questions to help you test yourself on the core points and positions.

In this challenge, Kiewra shows a trap in which you could easily catch your opponent. Can you see the best moves?

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