Norway Chess 2014

Norway Chess 2014

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One of the premier events every calendar year, Norway Chess is jam packed with the best of the best. In the home town of World Champion Magnus Carlsen, GM Sergey Karjakin managed to escape with first place in 2013. Would 2014 be any different?

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Norway 2014: Round 1 The British are coming, the British are coming! Watch IM Thomas Rendle and GM Danny Gormally commentate live on the opening round of the 2014 Norway super-tournament. Who blundered away an equal position at the end? Watch the broadcast to find out!

Norway Chess 2014: Round 2: Complete Show: Part 1 Part one of round two of Norway Chess 2014, hosted by GM Krush and GM Khachiyan. K and K show you 10 of the best players in the world and the ideas behind their games. You'll also learn which of these world-class players Khachiyan used to coach. This player said that Khachiyan had a big impact on his career!

Norway Chess 2014: Round 2: Complete Show: Part 2 Part two of round two of Norway Chess 2014. Watch and see if GM Fabiano Caruana can get his second win in a row and if GM Magnus Carlsen can get his first of the tournament! 

Norway Chess 2014: Round 2: Highlights! World Champion Magnus Carlsen has yet to win a game in Norway, but he had some interesting chances in the clash with former champ GM Vladimir Kramnik. Watch GM Irina Krush (in her first broadcast since gaining the title!) and GM Melik Khachiyan break down the complicated queen-and-pawn ending, and a few of the resulting king-and-pawn endings. A master class coming your way! 

Norway 2014: Round 3 World Champion Magnus Carlsen had yet to win a game going into round three, and today he suffered mightily against one of his top rivals, GM Fabiano Caruana. Watch and see if he is able to hold in a three pawns versus knight endgame. Also catch the other action, including Grischuk trying to recover from that opening round stumble. 

Norway 2014: Round 4 Fresh off a rest day in Stavanger, how would the players respond? The GM and The Poet covered all the action. Only one player was able to win today. Was it Carlsen—the man who hadn't notched a win in the first three games? Watch to find out who impressed!

Norway 2014 - Round 5 The most exciting round in Norway thus far took place in round five, as three players managed to win. A certain 2880 player finally got his first win, while the leadership changed hands thanks to an important head-to-head encounter. Although the players ended the game before it was obvious, see if you can work out the finish.

Norway 2014 - Round 7 Defending Champion GM Sergey Karjakin only mustered an even score through the first half of Norway 2014, but today he makes his move. Watch how he took out top Dutch GM Anish Giri—tons of circular maneuvering and 131 moves! We should also mention that it took nearly 6 hours, but GM Khachiyan and IM Rensch were there to give commentary every minute of the game! 

Norway 2014 - Round 8 Two old friends and rivals are back in business. GMs Yermolinsky and Shabalov prove they've still got some energy reserves as they discuss round 8 for 6.5 hours! That could be our longest program to date. What happened during this marathon? Karjakin tried to stretch his lead, Carlsen missed an easy win, and the party finally ended for unbeaten Agdestein.

Norway 2014: Round 9: Complete Show Watch the complete broadcast of Norway 2014 with GM Williams and IM Rendle. Karjakin needs to win to keep his half-point margin over Carlsen. Can he do it or will be tournament end in a playoff? 

Norway 2014: Round 9 - Highlights With most expecting GM Magnus Carlsen to dispatch former coach GM Simen Agdestein in the final round of Norway Chess 2014, the spotlight is on GM Sergey Karjakin. The tournament leader had a much less favorable pairing - Black against the world number four, GM Fabiano Caruana. Still, a win for Karjakin guaranteed first place. Could he pull it out and avoid a playoff with the world champion? Watch IM Rendle and GM Williams explain his game! 

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