Pawn Good and Bad

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The pawn is a very vaulable piece in the game of Chess. Pawns can make blockades which can control the game or the double pawn which can hurt you in the endgame.






In this position, even though white has a blocked bishop, the pawns are creating the flow for white and controls the middle. You see, pawns can allow you to have a flow of your pieces to an area. when your oppoent castles, you want your pawn chain to allow pieces to attack the king. Be careful though because if you open your pawns too much you could have a weak spot or even worse an attack that you will have to repel.

Next is the idea of double pawns. Most of the time, double pawns get looked down because it creates weak spots and and one pawn is unuseable. What you need to do is take from the outside in because you can have a greater chance  of gettin rid of the double pawn.

En passant is a very special move because it can only occur in special conditions.






An oppenents pawn moves beside you but 2 spaces. Then you can move diagonally.


When positioning pawns, think about each move an don't move them carelessly because you can't take it back.

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