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Principles in the King's Gambit

Principles in the King's Gambit

Mar 9, 2012, 12:00 AM 21 Opening Theory

This is a quick guide to a video series.

This series by IM Pruess, designed for intermediate (1300-1700 USCF) players, teaches about:

  • the key opening principles
  • how to use them to guide your opening play
  • how to balance and compare them to each other
  • how to think during the opening
  • and some specific patterns and ideas in the King's Gambit

Not what you were looking for?? Back to the video guide!

And the videos in order:

Applying Principles in the King's Gambit 1: (beginner-intermediate level) This video introduces you to the role of the different important opening principles in the King's Gambit.

Applying Principles in the King's Gambit 2: (intermediate) This video covers some lines from the King's Gambit Declined where black places the bishop on c5, interfering with king-side castling. The central theme to this lesson: how black should fight against a strong center when white establishes it, and how white should defend and use that center.

Applying Principles in the King's Gambit 3: (intermediate) Here we look at two different examples of what can happen when white trades king safety for central control in classic King's Gambit fashion!

Member Analysis: Principles in the King's Gambit: (beginner-intermediate) Here we look at an informative member game, for some of the real-life decisions that you may have to make in your own games. 

I may extend this series further in the future-- I have not decided yet!

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