Roman's Novelty Shop

Roman's Novelty Shop

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There's nothing quite like the joy of cooking up a fresh opening idea and springing it successfully on an unsuspecting opponent. The thrill of a great novelty is part of the mystery and lore of chess. Who can forget the first time they saw the game that birthed the Marshall Attack or Kasparov's great opening surprises that he sprung successfully in so many World Championships?

Our host, GM Roman Dzindzichashvili knows a thing or two about novelties. Dzindzichashvili has drafted surprises in many different opening lines, and his incredible preparation and explication has put many of his once private lessons on the larger map of opening theory. Join him as he explains how to find a good novelty and shows you the juiciest bits of what he is working on. Can you smell what the Roman is cooking?!


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Roman's Novelty Shop: Candidates Grunfeld Surprise! Dzindzichashvili shows you a novelty on the highest level as GM Peter Svidler unveils a vigorous, fresh plan — 6.f4!? in the Grunfeld.  (Advanced)

Roman's Novelty Shop: Deceptive Computer Evaluation In a positional line of the Sicilian, Dzindzichashvili explains the limits of computer evaluation by showing a variety of positions which the computer cannot understand. (Advanced)

Roman's Novelty Shop: Paulsen Sicilian vs 5...b5 Oof! It's a bashing as GM Roman Dzindzichashvili shows you a series of creative sacrificial lines against a popular line in the Paulsen Sicilian. (Advanced)

Roman's Novelty Shop: Paulsen Sicilian vs 5...Qc7 In the previous video, White unleashed a series of sacrifices against the aggressive Paulsen, now it's time to seize a positional advantage against Black's more patient option. (Advanced)

Roman's Novelty Shop: Taimanov Sicilian Dzindzichashvili shows his age with a beautiful sacrificial novelty he prepared in !1965! but has never been able to play. Perhaps you can unveil it in a game? (Advanced)

Roman's Novelty Shop: Grand Prix Attack Few know the Grand Prix Attack like Dzindzichashvili who has long been an advocate of the line. See what drives him as he shows the depth of his creativity in these lines. (Advanced)

Roman's Novelty Shop: French Defense — Part 1 You won't find more theoretical lines than this as Dzindzichashvili shows you his preparation against a topical piece sac in the French. (Advanced)

Roman's Novelty Shop: French Defense — Part 2 Sometimes you have to consolidate after aggression your opponent. Dzindzichashvili shows you the deep defensive preparation that is necessary to refute this popular line. (Advanced)

Roman's Novelty Shop: Queen's Pawn Novelties! In a popular sideline, Black tries to take the entire center but is punished if White properly pursues the king. (Advanced)

Roman's Novelty Shop: Queen's Gambit Declined Novelty! It is no fun to defend passively in some of the main lines of the Queen's Gambit Declined. Fortunately, if anyone has the antidote to passive defense, it's Dzindzichashvili. He shows you some trendy queen sorties to spice up your play. (Advanced)

Roman's Novelty Shop: Trompowsky — Part 1 Dzindzichashvili digs into a new three-part opening discussion as he displays the many delicious new paths both players can follow in the Trompowsky. (Advanced)

Roman's Novelty Shop: Trompowsky — Part 2 Some of the most popular lines aren't too good for White; Dzindzichashvili would say that White is fighting for equality. (Advanced)

Roman's Novelty Shop: Trompowsky — Part 3 The focus is on 3.Bh4 as we explore a variety of highly imbalanced positions that are sure to favor the better-prepared player. (Advanced)

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