Spicy Gambits Video Series

Spicy Gambits Video Series

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Gambits are an important part of chess. Although most of them come from White’s initiative, there are also many sound counter gambits for Black that have developed over time. Understanding how to play with and against gambits is important for many reasons.

First, playing gambits forces a player to choose between adequate material compensation and a less effective sacrifice. The ability to do so translates past a player's opening repertoire. Competitive analysis and positional advantages apply to every facet of chess, including middle and endgames.

GM Simon Williams, our analyst for the series, displays the nature of gambits throughout each video. This series strays far from common knowledge and into more unorthodox variations.

Our Spicy Gambits program is sure to leave your mouth watering. GM Williams' entertaining play-by-play will give you the inspiration you’ve been searching for. After learning from one of the best, you will be contemplating adding one of these fine weapons to your arsenal.

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Spicy Gambits: The Hillbilly Attack!  -- We know what you’re thinking, where did find the Hillbilly Attack? The answer is simple, we didn’t. The Ginger GM, as he likes to be called, claims to have found this Caro-Kann counter in a jungle. Last we checked, there were no hillbillies in the jungle, but perhaps the GM found a jungle in Arizona. You’ll have to watch for yourself to find out more. No matter where it came from, we do know one thing for certain. This crazy gambit may give up a pawn and a tempo, but it generates enough counterplay to impress the likes of Magnus Carlsen. This spicy gambit is a lot of fun. Take a look! (Intermediate to Advanced

Spicy Gambits: Delayed Wing Gambit! -- This next video observes a gambit against the pesky Sicilian. Straight from chess fundamentals, when Black protects the center, White counters those defenders. The moves are a bit crazy, but the ideas behind the Wing gambit are completely sound. This is a great study for both sides of the board, and both Sicilian and French defense players. (Intermediate to Advanced

Spicy Gambits: French Wing Gambit! -- This next video shifts to the other wing. GM Williams looks at a gambit variation to throw French players off their main line theory. Once again, White counters Black's defenders. This leads to a pawn chain choke-hold for White in the center. It looks scary at first, but Simon clearly demonstrates White’s positional counter. (Intermediate to Advanced

Spicy Gambits: The Danish Gambit!  -- The Ginger GM keeps the heat on this spicy dish against Black’s 1...e5. This video shows an aggressive approach for White in an opening that fell out of favor in the early 1900s. Though the world's strongest players can effectively counter it, the Danish is tricky enough to fool most. Watch as Simon utilizes his minor pieces, keeps the only center pawn and takes full advantage of an open position. (Intermediate to Advanced

Spicy Gambits: The Monkey's Bum -- Once again, you’re trying to figure out where found an opening called The Monkey’s Bum. Again, the answer is, we didn’t! The Ginger GM has a knack for finding hillbillies in the jungle and utilizing monkey bums. This variation is surprisingly effective and could leave a rotten taste in Black’s mouth. It’s well worth your time for the education, and with a name like this you’re sure to get a great story out of Simon. (Intermediate to Advanced

Spicy Gambits: Hacking The Scandinavian! -- If you’re a glutton, this video series will feed your appetite. The Ginger GM’s spicy concoctions are like a party in your mouth, and today he’ll offer dessert. Another aggressive gambit is the perfect ending for our Spicy series and GM Williams is now taking request for his next facial tattoo. Thanks for tuning in! (Intermediate to Advanced

Spicy Gambits: Opening for Lazy Players: The Belgrade Gambit -- Which opening is SO spicy that even Simon Williams just discovered it? The Belgrade Gambit. Join GM Williams as he teaches you this easy yet aggressive way to open the game, “the perfect opening for a lazy person.” (Intermediate to Advanced

Spicy Gambits: The Belgrade Gambit: Sidelines -- Simon Williams is continues his series on his new secret weapon, the "spicy" Belgrade Gambit. Learn what to do if your opponent doesn't stick to the original plan. (Intermediate to Advanced

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