Tactical Puzzle 3

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Now this one is a little hard, certainly harder than the previous two. You are Black. Material is even but White has a much stronger pawn structure, and you have doubled f-pawns. Looking at the position further, you can see that your rook on e5 is hanging, and that his knight on g4 is very strong. And, for your case, all your pieces are attacking, and you have a strong knight on d4 and doubled rooks on the e-file. If it is White's turn, he just plays Nxe5 and reaches a winning position. If it is your turn, you can either mate or win material. And it is your turn, so what do you do:

The answer is down (for ones who can't find the solution)















Here is the answer:

If you play a passive move like Re6 or Re7 or Re8, White exchanges queens and then moves one of his rooks to e1. In this position, this should be a draw and if one player can win, your opponent's chances are greater because his pawns are much stronger than yours, and he might be able to win one of your doubled f-pawns by force.

So, this is your best chance to win, and you can do it by force. Here is how:















This is hard, but amazing! Black sacrificed a queen and a rook to expose the White King and then mate it. More will come soon. :)

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