Tactical Puzzle 6

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You shall play White here and you will quickly find out that the material is equal, but both your rook on e5 and your pawn on b2 is attacked. When you move you rook out of the way, your opponent will take your b-pawn, and then your a-pawn will be weak and you will have a hard time defending it. Probably the best you can get here is a draw. But you have got one last chance to win this game - you can force mate in 3 moves!

The answer is down (for ones who can't find it):
















Here is the answer:

Playing a move like Re4 is not of much use because after Rxb2, you will be down a pawn and both your a and c-pawns will be weak. Defending both of them will be quite hard, and if you lose one of them, your opponent can create a passed pawn, which may be match-winning once the position is simplified. Thus, after Rxb2, your drawing chances are minimal, and your oppoent is the favorite. After all, why should you be in that situation when you can win the game on the sport starting with a stunning sacrifice:














Doesn't this one have a pretty final position. More problems like this is coming, and fast!

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