The Complete Grunfeld

The Complete Grunfeld

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Get ready to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the Grunfeld Defense!

IM Valeri "Tiger" Lilov reviews the main lines of this dynamic opening.

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Introduction Get ready to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the Grunfeld Defense! Valeri Lilov kicks off this video series with an introduction into some of the most basic and yet critical patterns in the Grunfeld. He then follows those recommendations by reviewing one of the most famous Grunfeld Games/Ideas in history... Check it out!

Majority In the second video of "The Complete Grunfeld" series, Lilov reviews another main line of this dynamic opening. By leaning heavily on GM Loek Van Wely (one of the most consistent players of the Grunfeld at the Super-GM level), Lilov is able to display the importance of black's 2-on-1 queenside majority.

Dynamic Provoking IM Lilov continues his dissection of the Grunfeld Defense by reviewing a more recent game between strong Grandmasters. The main points of the video feature dynamic piece play, the importance of square control, and Black's common idea of provoking change in White's center pawn structure.

Piece Play In the fourth video of "The Complete Grunfeld" series, IM Lilov explains how important it is to not only have your pieces on nice-looking squares, but also to place them where they can be "effective." By reviewing another game from Super-GM Peter Svidler's library (one of the modern-day proponents of the Grunfeld), Lilov is able to reveal many common mistakes for White.

Sidelines Lilov continues his video series designed to review the Grunfeld Defense in its entirety. Today's subject—sidelines: From the g3-variations; other "declined" Grunfelds; and finally the less popular move orders in what is perhaps the most topical and "mainline" variation in the Grunfeld today! Stay tuned for the next installment.

Exchange Sac As promised, IM Valeri Lilov brings you the ideas, plans and some perspective regarding one of the most topical and theoretically driven variations of the Grunfeld for the last decade: the exchange sacrifice on a1! After some great tactics from that line, he finishes with a final review of one of White's most popular ways to decline the "mainline" Grunfeld. Check it out.

Example Game We continue this series for the "lovers of the Grunfeld" with a great example game by, well, one of the greats! Former World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik displays excellent timing with his aggressive opening moves and then executes perfect technique. Let Tiger Lilov continue to reveal some of the important principals of the Grunfeld with this video. Enjoy!

The Game of the Century As the author, International Master Lilov, points out, this game was one of Bobby Fischer's finer moments (at the age of 14 no less), and that is why it was called "The Game of the Century." Of course, the Grunfeld theme is continued with flare, and we see the instructive idea illustrated. Just because you have the center, you don't necessarily have an advantage. In many cases in fact, your extended center may become a target.

Finale! International Master Lilov reaches the climax in his display of the Grunfeld Defense in this video. What better way to end this topic of discussion then with a game played between two of the greatest players of the last twenty-five years? Here we see Kramnik and Kasparov engage in an interesting and dynamic game, ultimately leading to a draw, but not before several important concepts of playing this opening are driven home once again.

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