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    Thanks again!!

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    Great lesson, thanks!

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    Nice video, it's very instructive.

    I would like to know if I can get the PNG of the games.

    Thank you, and congrats for your job,Valeri.

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    Hey ChessuBet, I don't think he said that "Fischer used the Grunfeld quite regularly".  I remember him mentioning Fischer in the first video of the series, and he mentioned the "Game of the Century", but I think he said something like "effectively" or something.  Fischer, as you found, played the KID far more often.  I noticed that the Game of the Century really kinda transposed into the Grunfeld.  I think Byrne was trying to move-order the 14 year old Fischer into unfamiliar territory or something.  I remember looking at the begining of that game specifically for the transpositional possibilities it had, and I suspect that Fischer might not have played the Grunfeld at all in public or in any important games before that game.

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    Very instructive, thank you.

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                      Thank you very much for the series. The repetition really helped to emphasize the power of the Grunfeld. As you stated Bobby Fisher used the Grunfeld quite regulary however I noticed in reviewing some of his games which primarily feature the Kings Indian Defence that there was a decisive decision made whether to go with the Grunfeld or the Kings Indian.Being a new player not sure why that is or how much Kings Indian players transpose to the Grunfeld vice versa?? Anyway loved the video which certainly wet my appetite to research this wonderful defense further!

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    nice one dibbbbbidooo.

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