The Complete Nimzo Indian

The Complete Nimzo Indian

| 6 | Opening Theory

Aron Nimzowisch is one of the great thinkers in chess, and his greatest opening contribution to the opening is the Nimzo Indian Defense. The Nimzo Indian evinces some of the great struggles in chess. Bishop or knight? Are doubled pawns strong or weak? Development or central control? Few openings have stood the test of time like the Nimzo Indian; the strategic complexity and soundness of the opening have appealed to top players of every generation in the past century. There's no one better to show you this grand opening than GM Roman Dzindzichashvili who is eager to reveal all of the main lines, sidelines, strategies, and novelties you will need to play this opening at a high level.

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The Complete Nimzo Indian 1: g3, and Others! Dzindzichashvili starts with the sidelines for good reason. They are easily bested, and you will see them often! (Intermediate to Advanced

The Complete Nimzo Indian 2: The Ne2 Rubinstein! Ne2 looks to be a sturdy way to avoid doubled pawns, but it has a drawback. Castling is prolonged, and Dzindzichashvili shows how to take advantage. (Intermediate to Advanced

The Complete Nimzo Indian 3: 4. Bg5 Leningrad! Bg5 may succeed against the unwary Nimzo player, but Dzindzichashvili will show you how to double White's pawns and lock the center, rendering White's bishops toothless. (Intermediate to Advanced

The Complete Nimzo Indian 4: The Saemisch Attack! The Saemisch should no longer scare Black as it once did, but one still has to know how to apply maximum pressure on the c4 pawn whilst sidestepping White's attack. Dzindzichashvili shows you the best moves so you can face down White's center with confidence. (Intermediate to Advanced

The Complete Nimzo Indian 5: The Modern 4. f3 Line As IM Daniel Rensch notes in the comments, "Looks like 4.f3 is making a serious comeback!". It's time to prepare with some of Dzindzichashvili's home cooking! (Intermediate to Advanced

The Complete Nimzo Indian 6: The Huebner Variation The struggle between knights and bishops is on full display in this video. Dzindzichashvili shows you how to keep things closed and friendly to your knights. (Intermediate to Advanced 

The Complete Nimzo Indian 7: Huebner Alternatives! Sometimes White's bishops get loose. In this video, you will learn some key theoretical lines where you have to be precise to keep the White clergy in check. (Intermediate to Advanced 

The Complete Nimzo Indian 8: 5.Bd3, Nge2 Variation Dzindzichashvili shows you one of White's most natural attempts to consolidate the center. However, White's development is a bit passive, and Black can seek activity with an early ...Qxd5! (Intermediate to Advanced 

The Complete Nimzo Indian 9: Roman's Classical! 4.Qc2 has long been one of the most theoretical variations in the Nimzo, but Black has many ways to respond and Dzindzichashvili provides you with a couple of sound and solid approaches. (Intermediate to Advanced 

The Complete Nimzo Indian 10: A Random Summary! It's time for the wrap-up show as Dzindzichashvili recaps the greatest hits and ties up some loose ends with lesser sidelines! (Intermediate to Advanced)

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