The Evans Gambit

The Evans Gambit

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GM Jacek Stopa is here to show you how to win with the aggressive Evans Gambit. Few openings have a more swashbuckling reputation than the Evans Gambit which was even invented by the sea captain, William Evans, in 1827! Jacek is a practitioner of the opening, and he wants to show you plenty of tricks and traps into which both your unwary and your wary opponents are liable to fall.

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The Evans Gambit Part 1: with 5...Ba5 Jacek gets right to the point with Black’s most popular and arguably best response to 5.c3. Many recommend early queenside development or quick castling for White, but Jacek suggests a more convincing central strategy. (Intermediate)

The Evans Gambit Part 2: with 5...Bc5 and 5...Be7 These stodgy defenses can really stymy unprepared attacking players, but Jacek has a boatload of tactics to help you overcome even a grandmaster's defenses. (Intermediate | Advanced)

The Evans Gambit Part 3: 5...Bd6 and Kaspy Wins! Even Anand once tried the suspicious 5...Bd6 against Kasparov. See how Kasparov dismantled Anand's defenses in this crushing miniature. (Intermediate | Advanced)

The Evans Gambit Part 4: Exciting Example Game! It's an author's showcase as Jacek shows you the depths of his opening preparation in part one of this thrilling battle. (Advanced)

The Evans Gambit Part 5: Example Game - Conclusion In part two, Jacek shows you how he converted his opening advantage into long lasting pressure via the open lines. Jacek finishes with a series of beautiful sacrifices. (Advanced)

The Evans Gambit Part 6: Black Fights Back! In the final video of this series, Jacek shows one of Black's best defenses as played against him by Michael Mulyar.  (Advanced)

Special Additions

GM Roman Dzindzichashvili

How to Equalize as Black in the Evans Gambit GM Dzindzi shows you his aggressive home preparation which he argues refutes the Evans Gambit and comfortably equalizes for Black. (Beginner | Intermediate)

IM Valeri Lilov

The Modern Approach to Gambits 1 Here's another look at Kasparov vs. Anand from the perspective of gambit strategy. IM Lilov shows you how to build a long term initiative and pressure in return for the gambit. (Intermediate)

The Modern Approach to Gambits 2: Initiative Further build your appreciation of a modern gambiteer's more patient approach by studying the modern Evans masterpiece Shirov vs. Timman. (Intermediate)

IM Keaton Kiewra

Caruana Dazzles At Dortmund Want to see how one of the great masters of modern opening preparation tackles the Evans Gambit? Caruana shows how counter sacrifices can stem the attack. In the ensuing endgame, Caruana finishes off with a dazzling combination. (All)

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