The game that lead to my first championship in the US

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This is final 3rd game of the westfield quads and god I am tired by even the third game. I was very fine with a draw, in the toss I won and took white. its a each 45 minutes game and quad championship, so I get to play the remaining 3 top rated players in the tournament(phew!)


I made dubious sacrifice just because I couldn't think more and my opponent rejected it. On the board I was dissapointed but after this analysis I am happy. 

Later he sacrificed pawns to make the positions volatile and did it nicely, but I somehow held and didn't loose my head in time pressure. Overall, I did pretty ok in the tournament that I played only one blunder and glad that too went uncatched :) 

This has take my provisional rating again above 2208 - see in section 1. Hopefully, i can be above 2200 the next three games to be a NM by the time I complete the 25 games.

Though I won the quad the prize money I got is $30 (after $20 entry), now thinking back, I guess this quad championship is never about winning, its to keep in touch of the game and play some serious chess. Sadly the last quad had 6 players, so the guy over there won more money than me Frown