The Open Catalan System

The Open Catalan System

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Is it true? Is the Catalan an easy way for White to jump out ahead? In this series, GM Georg Meier explores the depths of the Catalan for both White and Black. Will you find interesting ideas for Black up an extra pawn or just a positional collapse. 

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Keeping The Pawn In The Catalan Just in time for today’s big event, one of the most frequent winners of the Titled Tuesday tournaments makes his video lesson debut. GM Georg Meier shows you why and how to play the popular open Catalan system by introducing you to the key ideas and plans in the opening.

Quick Queenside Expansion Vs The Catalan GM Georg Meier returns with another in-depth look at the Catalan opening and the dominant ideas for both White and Black. Learn how quickly taking queenside space can be the determining factor of which side emerges from this opening with a worthwhile advantage.

Active Queenside Play In The Catalan GM Georg Meier continues his incredible series on the sophisticated Catalan Opening. Here he shows you how to meet Black's attempt to hang on to the pawn with ...Nc6. He'll show you some instructive positional maneuvers with the knight which will allow you to put maximum pressure on your opponent.

Black's Knightmare In The Catalan GM Georg Meier's masterful series on the Catalan continues as he shows how Black can easily fall prey to positional disaster as White's knight leap to incredible outposts. These lines are quite popular so learn them now before Black is scared away!

The Closed Catalan Grandmaster Georg Meier is back with another installment in his world-class coverage of the Catalan. See how he built up a dominating position and had a surprisingly easy win in the popular closed variation.

The Modern Main Line GM Georg Meier has already covered many of the attacking ideas in the Catalan. Now he demonstrates one of the current main lines, when Black plays Bd7. With precise play, White can prevent Black from ever reaching a comfortable position.

A Master Class With Levon Aronian GM Georg Meier walks you through the most popular defense against the Catalan among top players. Meier shows you how one of the world's best, Levon Aronian, kept control of the game, dominated the open c-file and scored a smooth win against GM Sergey Karjakin.

My Pet Line GM Meier demonstrates his pet variation against Black's most trusted system in the Catalan! White plays a4 to prevent Black's queenside expansion and then works to dominate the center!

Dubov's Sharp Variation How does GM Meier like to play when he's on the Black side of the Catalan? He tries a deep check on b4 to sideline White's bishop to an awkward square. But Grandmaster Daniil Dubov has come up with an ingenious, sharp attacking plan for White. Take a look!

Caruana's Brilliant Catalan What's the best move order to reach a Catalan? What should you do if Black aims for an e5 break instead of a c5 break? GM Meier finishes up his world-class coverage of the Catalan by showing an amazing and creative effort by GM Fabiano Caruana!

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