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This article will help to understand the game and build a solid position. You may not find the best move.  But when you have developed your pieces by following the basic instructions you will surely play a strong and admirable game.  You may even achieve 1900 to 2000 rated position.

You should develop your pieces and control the center.
These two rules are the basics of Chess.  Now I will explain why you should do so and also tell you more than these two basic rules as we go along.  

1. Very simple control the center:

Well a lot of people know this ---  but they dont know why they should do it. So let me tell you.
Well the reason why you should control the center is because you must allow more mobilty for your minor pieces and reduce your oppenent mobility for his minor pieces.
Bishop and Knight both should be in center because squares that one of your minor pieces controls, are square that your oppenent cannot go to and when they are in a central position they control more squares. Therefore you control the outcome of the game. 

2 Developpe your pieace

The main reason why you want to developpe your pieces and not do too many pawn moves is simple,  because pawns can only move foward. They cannot retreat and have realy weak mobilty therefore you cannot adapt to your opponent's moves.
You are committed to that position and if your opponent then tries to attack it, you can only defend it with your minor pieces. And like i said before, when you develop your piece you control squares and limit your opponent's mobility.

3 Castling

Many people ask why and when should a player castle.
It is very simple.  Caslting does 2 things. 
Connect the Rook to participate in play and place your King in a safe position away from the attacking pieces of your opponent.
When your Bishop and Knight and even your queen ( queen is not that important if its on the back rank) are on the back rank then your rooks are not connected and you have limited mobility for the Rooks.
And in the beginning of the game, the King's safety isn't usually an issuse.
Therefore you are wasting a move.
So it is better to develop your minor pieces than castle.

4. Queen moves

The Queen is a multi-purpose piece. 
I recommend that:
1... Develop both Rooks by placing them in close to center before developing Queen. Place your castled Rook on the ''e'' or ''d'' file.
2... Now develop your Queen by placing her on the ''2nd'' or ''3rd'' rank.

I recommend the 2nd rank. Because from here you will not miss much and your Queen has entered the game actively.

5.Knight vs Bishop.
There is the guidance rule that states that you should bring out your knight before your bishop.
Somme people think it is because your bishop can then have support form your knight. Although that is true that is not the main reason.
The main reason is because at the beginning a knight move control the center while as it is harder for a bishop move to control center.

( I know am repeating my self but this just shows how important controlling the center is).

The bishop is a more mobile piece than the knight, but the knight can adapt better and do better move in more closed up position like the opening or a closed endgame. 

Whereas the bishop, because of his larger mobility, can perform better in the middle game or an open endgame when it has more room to move around  because he can leap from one spot to another. 

6.Want to pin the knight with the bishop.
I see many players just pin their knight with their bishop every time it comes out. Which hugely end up a pretty useless move.

Since your opponent,  most of the time, in the opening,  is not planning to move his knight again anyway

So you are not really putting your bishop in a good position and you pinning a piece that was not gonna move anyway.

So it is clearly a useless move and a simple side pawn move can put your bishop in a good position when he covers allmost no zone.

So except when you have plan to go with that pin ( a tactic to steal a pawn or create more pressure on the knight) mostly you want to move you bishop either to the 2,  3 or 4 rank ( i recommend that if you have a good zone coverage and you are  not blocking your pawns ---  move your bishop to the 3rd rank.   It is pretty much the best spot in the openning ).

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