U.S. Chess League Highlights - 2013

U.S. Chess League Highlights - 2013‎

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In its 10th season, the United States Chess League brought its action live to Chess.com. This annual contest between the strongest chess cities in the United States brought together a congregration of enthusiastic spectators to commentate, criticize and enjoy the games.

IM Daniel Rensch delivered the action highlights with all the blunders and brilliancies from the best and brightest in the US.

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U.S. Chess League Week 1 — Highlights They're off! Rensch begins with an under-appreciated master class exhibition by GM Julio Becerra against NM Kevin Mo and follows up with multiple gorgeous sacrifices. (Intermediate to Advanced)

U.S. Chess League Week 3 — Highlights Rensch picks on NM Kevin Mo again as he is demolished in beautiful fashion by IM David Pruess. Many beautiful games ensue with special attention paid to the study-like finish between NM Ryan Goldenberg and NM Ian Schoch. (Intermediate to Advanced)

U.S. Chess League Week 5 — Highlights IM Daniel Naroditsky starts us off with a crazy queen sacrifice which gives Rensch an opportunity to talk about unbalanced material positions — something you will see a few times in the week 5 highlights! (Intermediate to Advanced)

U.S. Chess League Week 8 — Highlights It's time to dive into all three Game of the Week candidates and the plethora of positional guidance they provide. (Intermediate to Advanced)

U.S. Chess League Week 9 — Highlights Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze! You don't want to be on the wrong side of a space advantage as this week's victims learn to their chagrin. (Intermediate to Advanced)

U.S. Chess League Week 10 — Highlights Special guest, FM Kostya Kavutskiy, presents a series of beautiful final battles featuring multiple king positions so denuded that this video should be rated PG! (Intermediate to Advanced)

U.S. Chess League Semifinal — Highlights FM Kostya Kavutskiy takes a walk around the best of the best in the USCL. In the semifinals, New York and New England square off in the East, while Miami and San Francisco battle in the West. The three best games are front and center, and Kavutskiy shows you the best moves and oversights from the afternoon!

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