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  • odirtyredo
  • | Oct 31, 2007

I want to start playing chess, i guess you can say, professionally.  How do I obtain a USCF rating or what do i need to do to start playing professionally.


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    but I also think it makes a good article for anyone who wants to join the USCF
    thats why i chose the beginners sections


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    guys, this is an example of a forum topic, now an article :)
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    ccaring... as stated ratings vary.. I am currently playing on several sites. My rating appears to be relatively close on each site. And i also experience difficulties playing players 100 plus over my rating. In my opinion the rating system is pretty relavent
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    thanks for the info
    i have been playing chess for years but never took the time to learn anything other than how the pieces move. Since I joined this site my intrest in chess have grown.  I do consider my self a novice and i am not ashame b/c even the greatest players had to start as a novice but i think i got potential to be a very good player with the proper training. I have never entered a tournment but planned to start soon and I did find what i was looking for using the link the Jenery game me.  Thanks again

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    Step one: join the USCF
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    This is a great page that should clarify any hanging questions about ratings, etc...


    Let me add that the ratings (in my opinion) on this site can have just as many problems as ratings in real life. People who have only played a few games will have numbers that fluctuate wildly. Thus, your score could be a little too high or low. If you're seriously interested in your score, try playing in a tournament, games on, and against computer programs. The more you play the clearer the picture, and hopefully you'll learn something along the way :-)
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    I am relatively new to the chess world too.  How realistic are the ratings on this site?  What does it take to become a master?  What are masters rated? 

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    i too, have the same desire, but i need to improve my game..
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    You obtain a USCF rating by playing in any USCF-rated tournament.  Check your state chess federation or check the list of tourneys in Chess Life magazine.  If you are really, really good at chess and have some talent, you might get a high rating and win a few tournaments.  Then you can decide if you want to play professional chess (very rare).  Good luck.
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    How long have you been playing chess, odirtyredo?  This will roughly indicate to me your present stage of development. Have you been participating in chess tournaments?   If you have then you should have a rating. What is your rating? or are you a novice?  There is no shame in being a novice. With proper training and study you should be able to reach a rating of 1500 in 3 years.  To aspire to be  a  real chessprofessional is more difficult.  Some people who ,have what it takes, can reach master level chess in about 5 years.  Most never make it, even in 50 years.  Sorry to disappoint  you  there,  but it is a fact!
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    I found the following url in a SE listing for the USCF - hope this will help...

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