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GM Sam Shankland is one of the most promising young players to have emerged from the United States in recent years. Earning his GM title by the age of 21, Shankland built a considerable library of instructive and beautiful games by the time most persons are graduating college. Join him as he walks you through the chess memories — both wins and losses — he built up on his way to grandmaster.

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My Memorable Games: Trusting Fritz! To open the series, Shankland begins with a painful loss. Trusting to Fritz's materialistic evaluations, Shankland learns the limits of computer analysis. (Advanced)

My Memorable Games: 2007 World Youth Game two sees Shankland taking his skills abroad in the World Youth Championship. It's a difficult positional battle with Shankland's two bishops versus a rook and pawns. (Advanced)

My Memorable Games: My First GM Scalp! Shankland shows us his first win over a grandmaster with a dominating Black victory against GM Alex Shabalov. (Advanced)

My Memorable Games: GM Ivanov — Part 1 GM Ivanov dodges a fierce Shankland attack to escape only to find the endgame just as difficult. (Advanced)

My Memorable Games: GM Ivanov — Part 2 Picking up where we left off, Shankland seeks to convert a promising, but complex endgame against Ivanov. (Advanced)

My Memorable Games: 2008 World Youth — Part 1 In a two-part game, Shankland dives into his game against GM Le Quang Liem at the 2008 World Youth Championships. In one of his great tournament and game victories, Shankland kicks things off by playing the aggressive Yugoslav Attack in the Dragon Sicilian. (Advanced)

My Memorable Games: 2008 World Youth — Part 2 Picking up from the previous video, Shankland shows you the incredible endgame conclusion to his critical victory against Le Quang Liem. (Advanced)

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