Win Cash By Playing Tata Steel Fantasy Chess!

Win Cash By Playing Tata Steel Fantasy Chess!

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Tata Steel Chess 2021 kicks off beginning January 16 and members from around the world can get into all the action by playing in's Tata Steel Fantasy Chess contest! With top players like World Champion Magnus Carlsen and world number two Fabiano Caruana headlining a field of superstars, this year's tournament is sure to be one of the most exciting events in recent memory.

The commentary can be followed on during each round. You can follow the games live at Find all the information about Tata Steel Chess 2021 in our preview article.

Update January 15: the last-minute replacement of GM Daniil Dubov for GM Alexander Donchenko has been effectuated in the competition, with value points slightly adjusted relative to the expected performance difference.

This being one of the first over-the-board tournaments to take place since the coronavirus pandemic impacted the tournament circuit, is offering $500 in cash prizes along with premium memberships for those who are savvy enough to draft their team wisely. In this contest, fantasy players will be challenged to pick a combination of three grandmasters while maintaining a budget of $100 fantasy dollars, as they attempt to assemble the best-performing team possible for the duration of the tournament.

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Submissions are due by Saturday, January 16 at 4 a.m. Pacific Time (13:00 Central European Time) and tiebreaks are determined by submission time, so don't wait to make your picks! Be sure to tune in starting right after that deadline for's opening coverage of Tata Steel Chess 2021 with commentary from GM Daniel Naroditsky and WIM Fiona Steil-Antoni in the opening rounds. Tata Steel Chess 2021 can be watched on with live games available at

Magnus Carlsen Tata Steel Chess 2021's Tata Steel Fantasy Chess Contest

This year's free fantasy contest is easier than ever to enter, with only a single step needed to ensure your shot at $500 in cash and premium memberships. Each participant will make their three draft picks to form their team within budgetary constraints and tiebreaks will be determined by time of submission, so get your team drafted early!

Tata Steel Chess 2021 participants
With so many superstars to choose from, who will make your team?

Team scores will be counted based on the combined total of each player's score in your team. For example, if you draft Caruana, Wojtaszek and Tari and they score eight, five and three in the tournament, respectively, your team's total score will be 16.

The overall winner will take home a $250 first-place prize, while second place will win $150, third will win $50 while one random participant will take home a $50 prize. Players finishing in fourth through 10th place will receive three free months of diamond membership, while players finishing 11th through 20th place will win a one-month diamond membership.

Fill out the form below to enter the contest. Please note that each member is limited to one entry, and members with multiple submissions will be disqualified.

All participants with an active account are eligible to win both cash prizes and premium membership prizes. Users who submit an incorrect email address risk forgoing any potential prizes earned throughout the duration of this contest.

Draft your team now and catch every round's action live at and!

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