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Girl Power In Chess's Thumbnail

Girl Power In Chess

GM Gserper 1 day ago

At of this writing, GM Hou Yifan is the sole leader of the super tournament in Baden Baden. Her play in this tournament so far is simply unbelievable and each game is a textbook example of good chess. Photo: Georgios Souleidis. Here is t...

4 Exercises To Become A Tactical Genius's Thumbnail

4 Exercises To Become A Tactical Genius

News 3 days ago

Everyone knows that chess is 99% tactics, but how does one master tactics? IM David Pruess has a new premium video series with four exercises which he guarantees will make you a tactical genius if you practice them seriously. What are you waiting ...

How To Stomp Emanuel Lasker's Thumbnail

How To Stomp Emanuel Lasker

IM Silman 4 days ago

Simultaneous exhibitions are a great thing. A player who would normally never come face-to-face with a famous chess international master or grandmaster is able to live a dream and do his best to beat a legend and hang the signed scoresheet on his ...

The Queen Of Blunders Takes On Tactics's Thumbnail

The Queen Of Blunders Takes On Tactics

louisathomas 5 days ago

In the beginning, tactics were a way to waste time. They were something to do while I was impatient, waiting in line or while water boiled. I had never played chess before, but I had watched my boyfriend play it, and when he noticed my interest,...

Is This The Future Of Chess?'s Thumbnail

Is This The Future Of Chess?

GM Gserper 8 days ago

GM Emil Sutovsky recently posted some shocking news on his Facebook page: a computer program, Ponanza, beat the best shogi player in the world. Not only that, but the computer program pretty much introduced a novelty on the very first move: no pro...

How Can You Consistently Improve Your Chess Game?'s Thumbnail

How Can You Consistently Improve Your Chess Game?

IM Silman 11 days ago

The Chess.com member Cubronzo asked: “I’ve been playing chess for about a year now and my playing strength keeps going up and down. My main problem is my ability to see ahead in a chess position. Do you have any advice on how I could c...

Game of the Month's Thumbnail

Game of the Month

batgirl 12 days ago

     The United States in the 1940s had many splendid chess players such as Sammy Reshevsky, Reuben Fine, Al Horowitz and Isaac Kashdan.  The following story involves all those legends in some fashion.    &nb...

Do You Know The World Champions' Games?'s Thumbnail

Do You Know The World Champions' Games?

GM Gserper 15 days ago

There are many different ways to improve your chess, but few of them can compete with the time-proven method of studying games played by great chess players.   Indeed, this way you learn all the elements of chess from opening to endgam...

Test Your Chess Patterns And Concepts's Thumbnail

Test Your Chess Patterns And Concepts

IM Silman 18 days ago

Amateur chess is often a back-and-forth, muddy, and even stormy adventure where a position’s assessment changes from move to move. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. The “trick” is to learn as many basic patterns (...

Can You Solve These 5 'Easy' Retrograde Puzzles?'s Thumbnail

Can You Solve These 5 'Easy' Retrograde Puzzles?

FM MikeKlein 19 days ago

Earlier this year, Chess.com included a brief mention of the death of renowned logician Raymond Smullyan, who often used chess as the medium for his puzzle creations. He was quite the chessic sorcerer -- even his picture above makes him look like ...

Can Chess Players Learn From Poker?'s Thumbnail

Can Chess Players Learn From Poker?

GM Gserper 22 days ago

Chess and poker are frequently compared as both games are based on strategic thinking and decision making. I know many professional and semi-professional chess players who've completely abandoned chess in favor of poker. At some point ...

Santasiere's Thoughts and Remembrances's Thumbnail

Santasiere's Thoughts and Remembrances

batgirl 26 days ago

     While wanting to write an introduction, putting my thoughts on the topic into words has proven to be a most difficult undertaking.   Although I predominantly scour books, newspapers and periodicals for the bulk...

The Match Of The 21st Century's Thumbnail

The Match Of The 21st Century

GM Gserper 29 days ago

When chess players say "match of the century," usually they refer to the famous match between the USSR and the "rest of the world" that took place in Belgrade in 1970. In reality, many famous chess competitions (mostly world championship matc...

Oddities In The Classic Bishop Sacrifice's Thumbnail

Oddities In The Classic Bishop Sacrifice

IM Silman Mar 23, 2017

Every chess player knows about the classic bishop sacrifice. And everyone wants to smash that light-squared bishop into h7, drag the screaming-in-terror enemy king from its pawn cover, and execute it as its army helplessly watches.In general, t...

The Most Foolish Opening Mistake's Thumbnail

The Most Foolish Opening Mistake

GM Gserper Mar 19, 2017

I bet that some of you, my dear readers, think that I am going to talk about "Fool's Mate" or "Scholar's Mate." Indeed, there is no way to get checkmated faster than Fool's Mate: And there is no more popular beginner's opening than Schola...

PRO Chess League Top Performers's Thumbnail

PRO Chess League Top Performers

IM dpruess Mar 16, 2017

Here we try to keep track of some of the best performances of the 2017 season of the PRO Chess League. Points Scored # Name Team Pts 1 Meier, Georg Stockholm Snowballs 29.5 2 So, Wesley Saint Louis Archbishops 26...

Anatoly Karpov's Best Game Prizes's Thumbnail

Anatoly Karpov's Best Game Prizes

IM Silman Mar 16, 2017

My last two articles were about the best game prizes for Mikhail Tal (who won the most prizes — 15) and Rashid Nezhmetdinov, who came in tied for 3rd and 4th with Anatoly Karpov (10 prizes; Garry Kasparov came in second with 12). ...

Santasiere's Folly's Thumbnail

Santasiere's Folly

batgirl Mar 15, 2017

  Anthony Edward Santasiere - This name evokes images of the New York chess scene during the 1920, 30s and 40s:  Frank Marshall, Edward Lasker, Albert Pinkus, Fred Reinfeld, Sammy Reshevsky, Abe Kupchik, Isaac Kashdan, I.A. Horowit...

How Chess is Like... [FILL IN THE BLANK]'s Thumbnail

How Chess is Like... [FILL IN THE BLANK]

erik Mar 14, 2017

Chess is many things. A game. An art. A hobby. A science. A sport? But it is also a metaphor that is used in the media to tap into the symbol of intellectual struggle. If you want to show how intricately strategic and thoughtful and craf...

Work at Chess.com's Thumbnail

Work at Chess.com

CHESScom Mar 13, 2017

Chess.com is a global team of passionate chess fans and developers. You can meet us here! We're always looking to hire great people to join the team. All of our jobs are 100% remote. We have a healthy work environment focused on well-being, respec...

How To Not Learn From Your Mistakes Like Karpov's Thumbnail

How To Not Learn From Your Mistakes Like Karpov

GM Gserper Mar 12, 2017

As I explained in this article, modern life forces me to recollect the episodes from my childhood years. One such memory is something that every Soviet schoolboy was supposed to know if he wanted to get into a good college, something I t...

Rashid Nezhmetdinov's Best Game Prizes's Thumbnail

Rashid Nezhmetdinov's Best Game Prizes

IM Silman Mar 9, 2017

After showing all of Tal’s 15 best game prizes in my previous article, it struck me that many Chess.com members might not have heard of Rashid Nezhmetdinov (born 1912, died 1974), who tied with Karpov for the third and fourth place...

Chess Goes Podcasting: Listen To Your Favorites's Thumbnail

Chess Goes Podcasting: Listen To Your Favorites

FM MikeKlein Mar 8, 2017

In a recent interview, the man who's a perfect five-for-five in writing New York Times bestsellers explained that he now has to chase his audience. And that means podcasting. Fittingly, renowned author Malcolm Gladwell explained t...

Can You Smell Chess Moves?'s Thumbnail

Can You Smell Chess Moves?

GM Gserper Mar 5, 2017

In the beginning of the 1990s, I established a certain routine. Whenever I set foot in Moscow (and I did it pretty frequently), I would visit the Central Chess Club and climb a narrow staircase to the third floor to meet Botvinnik in his labo...


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