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30. mar 2022.
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Season 6 Registration Is CLOSED

Staffed and judged by top bloggers, and open to anyone, BlogChamps is the largest and most active blogging club on, and the oldest club on where writers can use their blogs to enter a competition! First, there is a qualifying stage that lasts three weeks, where writers can enter blogs that will get graded on a scale of 1-10. Writers who qualify will create one post every two weeks, until you get eliminated, which happens when the five judges (@alphaous, @nbrasington, @1cbb, @Fire, and @The_turtlepro) decide that your opponent made a better post than you. This continues until there is only one blogger left.... the BlogChampion!

The prize? @Fire or one of the other Top Blogger judges will recommend you to become an official top blogger for, which is exactly how @Lightning (the club's founder) became a top blogger. Even if you do not win, the competition is certain to have a positive impact on your blogging. 12 (and counting) members (including well-known writers such as @Nimzo-IndianaJones, @SheldonofOsaka, @Fire, @YEAT, and @Don) have become Top Bloggers after competing, and of those only 2 (@Fire and Don) have done so after winning recommendations. 

Even Top Bloggers can join to share their knowledge and learn from others in the club, and just enjoy the community overall. From brand-new bloggers, to non-bloggers who just want a good time, to the best of the best, there's something for everyone in Blogchamps!

Check out the announcements if you joined mid-season to catch all the BlogChamps news, and join the discord for blog tips and self-advertising!