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29. jun 2023.
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trophies You’re invited to join the strongest and most active family, established with 2.2K+ members and counting! blitz We began as a casual chat and social team, but have evolved into the most feared team on the site. draw Our goal as a community is to learn, improve, and celebrate chess together. We welcome players of all levels – beginners, masters, children, and adults – to join us on this exciting chess journey. chesspawn Still not hooked? Intrigued? Read on to learn about our original events! tongue.png

diamond Membership Giveaways: We host membership giveaways as often as almost any other club! We are very passionate about them, and some would say they are a crown jewel of our club. We do arenas, raffles, and we even look though the club to see who really needs/deserves a membership! All memberships are community-gifted, so it really shows how much our members love our club.

friends Club Giveaways: We were the first club to do this! Experience the excitement of our themed club giveaways! We create new clubs, gather hundreds of members, and then give them away. It's a thrilling opportunity to be a part of something special. We’ve gifted famous clubs with 800 members and another with 300 members! Caleb341 even gifted his 100 member fan club to the first person who joined it; in under 30 seconds! 🤩

tournaments Official Community League: Community is more than just a word for us at CVC. It’s the essence of our existence. We’ve embraced this concept wholeheartedly, establishing a Community Camp, hosting Daily Community Arenas, and functioning as a community club and league. If you own a club, you can join our program! Once you do, you and your clubs get access to all the arenas, every day! Most even have prizes, going from staff roles, to a diamond membership!

votechess Vote Chess: Play in thrilling vote chess games for all skill levels through our VC events! We have different games to cater to all skill levels, from beginners to grandmasters! Even the second leargest club on, with 150,000+ members, called well over 7K members to the biggest chess match ever, which we went on to win!! That just shows the level of competition you can expect. We’re climbing the leaderboard faster than ANY club, straight to #1.

forums Community: We offer a unique chance to chat with and compete against players from all around the world. Our forums are a daily dose of fun, our notes are a welcoming place, and our club has never been under 100% active, making us the largest 100% active team! But, we need you it make us complete! ❤️ We genuinely believe everyone matters. If you don’t like something, we will fix it in the click of a button. We don’t have a hunger for power or an obsession with winning. If you ever need anything, we’ll be here for you. 🤝

Don’t take our word for it: FM @TanitoluwaAps116 said he absolutely loves our club! @Qoiuoiuoiuoiu believes we are “absolutely the best club on,” with an awesome community and “amazing, wholesome notes”. @Kaleb341, a leader of 3 clubs, praises us for being “visionary and setting the bar for the future”. And let’s not forget @GMchessminator, the leader of an official club with over 19K members, states that our club is among the best on Our commitment to excellence shines through these testimonials, and we’re proud to be a part of this chess community! 😊

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