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5. jul 2022.
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Greetings. Because you're receiving this invite, it means you're one of the select few chosen to be a part of ChessGutzers! 

We're a friendly yet fiercely competitive community of players who thrive on Daily Matches. Additionally, we cherish our Live Events and take Vote Chess just as seriously.

ChessGutzers is a team of chess players committed to fight to the best of their ability for a win, regardless of odds. We see participation in events as a privilege and not as a duty. 

If you're planning on being an active part of ChessGutzers, rest assured, you're warmly welcomed into our robust and competitive club. It would be our honor to have you with us! Do you have what it takes to join us?

Requirements to join: 

- have a low timeout rate in daily games

- be a part of less than 30 clubs

- have an account older than 3 months