Circle of Trust OTB

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17. nov 2007.
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Please check the conditions and Rules required before you apply to join CoT, and say you have read them in your application, otherwise you will not be accepted
1.People who join an excessive number of Groups need not apply 2.minimum of 20 Daily chess games played and completed,
3.excessive timeouts in Daily Matches will also be checked.
Click this post for the rules of COT, all members must follow these rules when playing other members, do not apply if you do not agree with the rules

Note in your application that you have read, and agree to the rules, and fit the conditions above, otherwise application will not be processed.
please state in your application that you fit the conditions above, and you have read, and agree,to the rules in the link below, and you will be contacted, if not, your application will be deleted.

Please note in your application that you have read, and fit, these  rules, and have read, and agree to, the rules of CoT in the link above..



4.must be over 18 years of age
you will need to add (CoT OTB) to your name if you are accepted.

If you meet the above conditions, say so in your application, and also, read and agree to the rules below. applications without these agreements  will be cancelled.

We are a group who will adhere to rules of fair play, and, so called "old fashioned" principles. Applicants must have been a member of for at least 8 months, and must be over 18, if you do not state this in your application, it will be deleted. We do not believe once a game has started, any reference books (open books, databases. outside help etc, incl. Analysis Board and Conditional Moves) should be used. If you like to play as though you are face to face with your opponent you may enjoy being a member of CoT, we do ask you not to apply if you are looking for aq group who plays a lot of competition matches, thet is not CoT, we are a fairly quiet group who chat, On application may will be challenged to a few games by our members, so please adjust your settings so you can receive these, otherwise we will deny access, if you are accepted, and can accept our rules, you will become a member of CoT. (Do Not Add CoT OTB to your name until you are accepted as a member).