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4. maj 2021.
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Until we're streaming again, here are live and interactive chess lessons from Grandmasters for about $2/hour:



Chess lessons from masters often cost a lot of money, effectively (and unfairly) making chess improvement most available to those with resources. However, with advancements in modern technology, live master-level chess lessons can easily have a new price point: ZERO.



Ted Belanoff is a USCF life master who streams twice daily at 8AM and 9:35 PM, both Eastern Standard Time. He views chess lessons as something that should always be free and available to all regardless of situation, and he is working towards making this a reality. So please join the stream and learn free from a USCF Life Master!

All are welcome to join. If you join and haven't checked out Ted's channel, feel free to do so here cop_review_app - Twitch.

Official Stream Discord is here:

Successful Master Titles by Stream Students (please let Ted know if you would like to be included):

Aphelion84 (FIDE ACM Title)