if you like dogs or cats

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31. aug 2023.
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this is a club that has 0 to do with dogs or cats... we love to talk. we also do vote chess and daily chess. remember to read the rules we have 12 daily chess points as of 5/20/24


advertising rule
if there is a misplaced advertisement link please get rid of it. the owner  doesn't mind but if it's clogging up the notes copy/paste it into the ad forum and then delete it


swearing rule:
we will delete anything that has unapproved swear words, damn and hell do not count, same for heck.

 if multiple warnings about swearing around first muting make accor then if necessary other more harsh measures, kicking/banning/ longer muting, for more "minor" cursing mutes will range from 10 minutes to an hour, and "major" cursing/slurs/hate words=possible kick or mute from anywhere from 12 hrs to 48 hrs ______________________________________________________________________________

lgbtq hate rule:
same as the swearing rule except there are no exceptions.
make sure to mute them if it's a lgbtq hate= mutes for this rule lasts for 1-7 days accordingly. (depends on how the hate is and if it's a repeat) you can also get kicked for this