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4. maj 2020.
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Hi join this club ,we will play matches,vote chess,Also talk about Avengers!

Welcome to Avengers Fan Club.



We have two great coaches FIDE Master ENEASZand NMCoach-Bill

Feel free to read and improve your skills with FIDE Master ENEASZ from Poland. It is a part of my lectures, which I use to teach my students to understand:
1. tactics
2. positional game
3. endings


Also CHEAP TRAINING: 9 USD / 1 hour for 1 student (at least two students in group) (Please write a private message, I try to form appropriate groups;-))



Let's get better a chess. Learn free from a National Master: Hello. Free YouTube videos and more!


Help other members with analysis to their games and post your games to get suggestions too! Members: Post your games here, help each other analyze


Learn the best way to play Daily Chess so you can win and learn more!: Must know tips for Correspondence (Daily) Chess!