South East Asia

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7. feb 2009.
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Write your own country (fatherland, motherland, heritage-land, homeland etc) while applying for membership. 

This is group for chess players from all all over Southeast Asia Countries:

  1. Brunei,
  2. Cambodia,
  3. East Timor,
  4. Indonesia,
  5. Laos,
  6. Malaysia,
  7. Myanmar,
  8. Philippines,
  9. Singapore,
  10. Thailand, and
  11. Vietnam

The purpose of creating this club is to bring all Southeast Asia chess players together, make a good friendship, share ideas, experiences, have an open discussion, be united and most of all have a good time together.

This club provides Team Matches, Vote Chess against other clubs and tournaments within the group.

All Southeast Asians (both (a) who were born and are living in Southeast Asia, and (b) Southeast Asian but living other countries) are very welcome to join this group.