Strictly Bible

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9. mar 2024.
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This is a discussion club strictly about the Bible (plus chess).

Every month, a new pinned topic will be made to discuss a different chapter of the bible. (The frequency of this may be increased if club activity increases).

We also participate in chess events.


All posts and topics, if they are not about chess or e.g. the rules of the club; must be about the bible or explictly reference the bible.

Party political discussions are not allowed, even if they reference the bible. Posts/topics with political implications are allowed, so long as they do not reference any specific political party/faction/figure/government policy and do explictly reference the bible.

By "the bible" we mean the 66-book protestent canon. Non-protestants are welcome, so long as they do not directly discuss the deuterocanon, except where they think it is alluded to in the Protestant bible, so long as you explicly reference the (protestant) biblical allusion. You, can, however, talk about your overall views on the bible, including the deuterocanon.

The above rules do not apply to the Notes section.