Team Malaysia

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6. mar 2009.
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Team Malaysia is now actively participating in the World League Team Matches. The prerogative to join Team Malaysia is to fly Malaysian flag (Jalur Gemilang). (Only those fly Malaysian Flag could join Team Malaysia). Team Malaysia is truly Asia. Malaysian races are comprises of Malay, Chinese, Indians, Punjabi Iban, Melanau, Orang Ulu, Lun Bawang, Kadazan-Dusun, Bajau, Bisaya and other ethnic races including expatriates who are now residing in Malaysia as their 2nd Home. Almost all the races found in Asia lives in Malaysia... If you would like to take part in the Team Matches and Vote Chess, this is the right place for you. Perhaps you just wish to have a good chat with fellow Malaysians while browsing through your games, regardless of whether you are a casual or a serious chess player, or maybe you just wish to have some giggles, it's all here for you... Selamat datang ke Team Malaysia. 1Malaysia !!! Malaysia Boleh !!!