Vote Chess Players

5. mar 2020.
87 (#88)
prije 59 min.
Yeah, summer starting and holiday season probably making people busy. I am sure it will pick back up soon.
prije 4 sati
@masterdean00 and @mohotma67, thank you for jumping back into the fray. I was starting to feel like the Lone Ranger, if anyone understands that reference. haha Also, I am most definitely not the one to be picking moves for the club.
prije 16 sati
I'd say let's hold off until we get an idea of our activity. I joined a few more games that I hadn't as of yet to try to lend some support as well.
prije 1 dan
I've been busy (and still am), but will try to jump in more as I can. I have now joined the two Dragon League games and can be on the lookout to jump into others as new rounds start. I've also received a request for another friendly game from Intellectual Chess Players. Should I accept it or hold off on starting any new games?
prije 1 dan
I messaged N00B about this 18 days ago with no response...
Update: Member Evaluation, Leagues, and Rules

Update: Member Evaluation, Leagues, and Rules

N00BM4STER | 22. feb 2022.
Just a few quick words, as well as a few questions for you guys as well. However, I would like to mention that our club is nearly in the top 100 for Vote Chess on the site. Great work team! Member Evaluation Recently I have been a bit relaxed about removing inactive members, but I think everyone in the club has had enough time to decide whether or not they would like to participate in any of the games. During this week I will be checking up on the vote chess games, and seeing who is partici...
Club Wars 2022 - Vote Chess Championships

Club Wars 2022 - Vote Chess Championships

N00BM4STER | 3. jan 2022.
2022 Vote Chess Championships Welcome to the 3rd Annual Vote Chess Championships! This event is a 32 team elimination tournament. The differences between this event and normal Elimination events is that Round 1 is not an elimination round. Round 1 is called the "Prewar" It can also be called the 'tiebreaker round' if a game is tied in any of the knockout rounds the winner of prewar will claim the win. Make sure we win this important round! Round 1 is to begin January 8, 2022 Learn more on ...
League Information!

League Information!

N00BM4STER | 1. okt 2021.
As many of you might know, we are currently participating in various leagues, for various clubs. This post will hopefully clear up some confusion regarding leagues. The Basics The purpose of leagues is to create a fun, competitive way of playing either vote chess or club matches. For our club, only the details regarding vote chess will be of importance.  Put simply, a league is basically a tournament between clubs on There are a few different types of leagues, just like there ar...
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