Šahovski treneri

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Yousuf Azeem Makhdoomi

If you wanna improve look no further!! Languages: English/Urdu  Coaching Method: Depends on the level of play, period of engagement and interest of the student. However normally my coaching method will include: a) Removing errors in the opening play...

Aspet Tadevosyan
FIDE Rejting 2250
Sjedinjene Države

Are you tired of losing in chess? Does increasing your rating seem impossible? If so, you're not alone. But I'm here to tell you that it's possible with the right guidance. My name is Aspet Tadevosyan, and I'm a former Junior World Chess Champion. I've...

Dmitry Semenenko
Kiev, Ukrajina

Hi! I'm Dmitry from Ukraine, Kiev. I am 33 years old. I have more than 20 years chess experience. I offer chess lessons and training games (Rapid, Blitz, Bullet.) WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram +380936403675. My email: semchik77@i.ua  Payment method: Pay...

Alessandro Santagati
FIDE Rejting 2304
Catania, Italija

I am Alessandro Santagati, a 35 years old FM.I live in Catania , Sicily , and I started playing chess at the age of 11. I have extensive experience in training.My philosophy is that anyone can improve quickly, given the right lessons.My method is to...

Mihailo Djokic
FIDE Rejting 2192
Pozega, Srbija

Are you struggling with opening knowledge? Do you need advice when it comes to middlegame planning? Are your tactical abilities unbalanced and you are not sure how to properly calculate moves? I offer High Quality chess lessons with homework and support!...

Nicholas Van Der Nat
USCF Rejting 2476
Sjedinjene Države

My name is Nicholas Van Der Nat. I am a Fide Master and Fide Trainer. I have been a chess coach for more than 17 years, assisting players to grow and increase their enjoyment of chess.  My focus with training is to assist players with a program, to improve...

Rachelle-Mari Voges
Johannesburg, Južnoafrička Republika

I have a passion for nurturing and growing chess enthusiasts. I'm dedicated to helping individuals at every level of their chess journey. From complete beginners to those aspiring to reaching master level, my goal is to guide you along your unique path...

Ankit Rajpara

Hi, this is Ankit Rajpara from India. I am a Grandmaster and have been playing chess for more than 20 years. I am the founder of Chess Neurons. This innovative website is your gateway to increasing your positional understanding through the positions...

Chase Ross
USCF Rejting 1552
Midland, TX, Sjedinjene Države

I'm a chess teacher based out of Midland, TX. I teach beginners K-12 at a public school and some adults as well. I think everyone can improve at this game through hard work and practice.  I am currently incredibly busy with personal stuff. I will pick...

Jack Rodgers
FIDE Rejting 2170
https://www.twitch.tv/jackrodgerschess, Australija

If you're interested in chess coaching please fill out the quick 2 minute form below; http://bit.ly/JackRodgersChessCoaching Message me for more information and inquiries or see my website here: https://www.jackrodgersonlinechesscoaching.com/ 600 point...

Nahun Gavarrete
FIDE Rejting 2379
España, Honduras

Hola a todos soy el #1 del ranking FIDE en mi hermoso país Honduras (2379 FIDE) Me gusta competir, entrenar, jugar y enseñar ajedrez. Esto ultimo cosa que hago desde hace mucho tiempo con alumnos de todos los niveles. Si estas interesado en entrenar...

Shailendra Kumar Bajpai
FIDE Rejting 2257
Delhi, Indija

Fide instructor and Candidate Master. I am also available for online chess classes . interested people can contact me : my You tube channel link"-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjb9zXhB3OKgVsqZATroKvA/ Call/WhatsApp: 9999007248 email: bajpai.shailendra@gmail.com

Milovan Ratkovic

Hello, my name is Milovan Ratkovic ( fide rating: 2435). Are you interested in sharp openings and interesting novelties? You want to learn basic endgames and how to improve your middlegame technique? Feel free to contact me. My email address is ratkovicmilovan@gmail.com


Hola! para clases particulares contactame!https://www.twitch.tv/fmandrespalu  Link de Twitchhttps://www.instagram.com/fm.palu/?hl=es+ Link de Instagram

Graham Horobetz
USCF Rejting 2390
Sjedinjene Države

I have been coaching chess in some capacity for over a decade, from players just starting out to players rated 2000 USCF, encompassing all ages. I try my best to work with students to find the method of learning that suits them best. I am invested in...

Matías Ianovsky
FIDE Rejting 2218

✅ Hi! My name is Matías Ianovsky. I am FIDE Trainer (FT) and Candidate Master (CM).  I am a full time professional chess coach.   I run an online chess academy called ReyesyPeones/ Kingpawn Academy. 🌎 I have students in Argentina, Australia, Austria,...

Dimitri Komarov
FIDE Rejting 2475
Edmonton, Kanada

Dimitri Komarov   gmkomarov@i.uaInternational Grandmaster since year 1994. Won or shared first place in more than thirty international tournaments.Most important of them: 1991 – Belfort (France), 1992 – Torino, Asti (both Italy), 1993 – Bagneux (France),...

Cyrano Lossi
Guatemala, Gvatemala

Hi everyone! My name is Cyrano Lossi, I´m a 21-yo CM from Guatemala, 4 times best U18. Would like to improve your level? Keep reading for some of my achievements as a player. I´m focused on training dedicated players who really want to raise their level....

Tom Shupe
USCF Rejting 2025
Alexandria, VA, Sjedinjene Države

I’m a US Chess Expert (USCF 2025), award-winning writer, and coach. My work is published by Chess.com and in American Chess Magazine. As a coach for Magnus Chess Academy, I teach the royal game to scholastic players. Please message me for private lessons.

Alberto Chueca Forcén
FIDE Rejting 2350
https://www.albertochueca.com, Španija

Hi! I'm Alberto Chueca, International Master, FIDE Trainer, chess coach and founder of The High-Performance Chess Academy: www.albertochueca.com. Some of the results of our Academy:-Official United States Chess Coach for the World Cadets Chess Championship...

Walker Griggs
USCF Rejting 2382
Los Angeles, Sjedinjene Države

Hello all! I am Walker Griggs, a national master now based in Los Angeles. I am an attacking player. I love blitz, especially OTB, and I specialize broadly in opening theory, especially related to my beloved King's Indian. Throughout my chess career,...

Armando Vasconcelos
Garanhuns-PE, Brazil

FIDE Rating: 2.140 Treinador CBX  Árbitro CBX TOP 10 de Pernambuco (FIDE clássico)  Diretor da Academia de Xadrez Byron Veras (axbyronveras) Vice-presidente de expansão da FPEX (Federação Pernambucana de Xadrez)  Instagram: treinadordexadrez

Danilo Cesar de Luna Alves Campelo
FIDE Rejting 2068
Recife, Brazil

Danilo Cesar de Luna Alves Campelo, 31 anos, Brasileiro, Pernambucano, graduado e Mestre em Engenharia Química, Mestre Nacional de Xadrez, jogador assíduo, treinador experiente, formador de jovens talentos e apaixonado pelo xadrez. Como jogador participou...

Ernesto Real de Azua
Buenos Aires, Argentina

MI con 2 normas de GM y Fide Trainer, Elo 2446 (2502 Elo vivo Junio 2018), experiencia dando clases a todos los niveles, interesados pueden contactar por privado en chess.com o a mi correo electrónico ernestorealdeazua@gmail.com. Precio= 20 dolares...

Valentin Razmov
USCF Rejting 1800
Seattle, WA, Sjedinjene Države

As a coach and teacher with years of experience, and an active player (peak USCF 1986; Expert outside US), I'd love to help you grow to intermediate or advanced chess skills. See my profile for specific offerings. Players rated below FIDE/USCF 2100 could...