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@AastikGrover - Been friends ever since I joined chess.com

@Mattew - Bros been trying to do some among us stuff

@alpha_zer000 - Uh, he's claims he is a Titled Patzer

@AngelaPlayzChess - Well, she made my pfp!

@PsychologicalSkittle - Rip skittle sad.png

@Scemer - He's famous, one of my best friends, you should go friend him! wink


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Chess Players vs. Checker Players

I beat Boshi with only Knights!

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live My best rapid win: Chess: Albond7000 vs 1stPrize - Chess.com

blitzMy best blitz win: Chess: sagesj vs 1stPrize - Chess.com

blitzMy win without castling: Chess: AastikGrover vs 1stPrize - Chess.com

bullet Dirty Stalemate trap: Ripinder_Singh1 vs. 1stPrize - Chess.com

I Adopted @Simp_for_arjun


The Hangout and Chill Club

The Unofficial Fun Chess Club for Kids

Official Fan Club of Chess

12 Thing I Know About You

1. You are alive.

2. You can breathe.

4. You didn't notice that I skipped number 3.

5. You just went back to check.

6. You are smiling at how you fell for this...

7. You just read this sentence.

8. And you just missed that I skipped number 7!

9. You just went back to check only to realize I didn't skip anything!  

10. You are smiling at how you keep on falling for this...

11. I also know that when you bite your tongue by accident, it hurts, but when you bite it on 

 purpose, it doesn't hurt.

12. I also know you just bit yourself to check

BTW, Who do you think is going to win the race?


    @AngelaPlayzChess made this pfp foer me!