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  • tablebase

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    An endgame tablebase is a computerized database that contains precalculated exhaustive analysis of a chess endgame position. It is typically used by a computer chess engine during play, or by a human or computer that is retrospectively anal... Read More »

  • Computers

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    The first chess effort on the part of a computer is a mate in 2 programmed in 1949 on a Ferranti digital machine. The first computer program that played proper chess was written at MIT by Alex Bernstein in 1959. The Massachusetts Amateur Champions... Read More »

  • Cell phone

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    In 2003, former world champion Ruslan Ponomariov was kicked out of a chess tournament because his cell phone rang during the course of a match.  As per article 13.4 of the laws of chess, he was disqualified when his cell phone rang during a g... Read More »

  • Fredkin Prize

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    A $100,000 prize created in 1980 by computer science professor Edward Fred kin, for the first computer to beat a reigning world chess champion.  The prize was awarded to the inventors of the Deep Blue machine in 1997.  Deep Blue beat wor... Read More »

  • Mieses Opening

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    The Mieses Opening is a chess opening that begins with the move: 1. d3The opening is named after the German-British grandmaster Jacques Mieses. It is considered an irregular opening, so it is classified under the A00 code in the Encyclop... Read More »

  • Cray Blitz

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    The first computer to win a state championship (Mississippi in 1981).  It won with 5 wins and no losses.  Its first rating was 2258, running on a Cray-1 computer.   At the time, it was the world’s fastest computer (80 mil... Read More »

  • Berliner, Hans

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    Dr. Hans Berliner, born Jan 27, 1929, is a computer scientist specializing in Artificial Intelligence and winner of the 5th world correspondence championship (1965-68).  His 3-point margin of victory (14-2) was the greatest margin of victory ... Read More »

  • Benjamin, Joel

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    Joel Lawrence Benjamin, born March 11, 1964, was the winner of the National Elementary (1976), Junior High School (1978), and High School  Championships (1980-81), U.S. Junior Championship (1980, 1982), U.S. Open Championship (1985), and U.S.... Read More »

  • CHESS 4.6

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    Chess computer program written at Northwestern University by David Slate and Larry Atkin.  In February 1977, it won the Minnesota Open Championship.  In August 1977, it won the second World Championship.  In September 1977, it achie... Read More »


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    In 1980, BELLE won the World Computer Chess Championship in Linz, running on a PDP 11/23.  In 1981, BELLE won the 12th annual North American Computer Championship.  Ken Thompson and Joe Condon, both of Bell Labs, created BELLE.  In ... Read More »