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  • Cambridge-Oxford University Chess Club Match

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    Longest running annual match in chess.  The traditional series began in 1873 with the help of future world champion Wilhelm Steinitz (won by Oxford University 10-3).  The univerisities actually started playin in 1871, but the early matches were ... Read More »

  • List of chess variants

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    A chess variant (or unorthodox chess) is a game "related to, derived from or inspired by chess".[2] The difference from chess might include one or more of the following: different rules for capture, move order, game objective, etc.; addition... Read More »

  • Algebraic notation

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    This article is about Algebric notation.First we will talk about what the pieces mean: K=king Q=queen R=rook B=bishop N=knight when pawns move,only the destination square is described. Here is an example of an opening with algebric notation... Read More »

  • Scholar's Mate

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    Scholar's Mate is also known as the "4 move mate". It is mostly this:           You can't trust it in all cases though,this is why:It Can be blocked and puts your pieces in a bad position. Once you block it you will usually win the ga... Read More »

  • Pawn

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    The new pawn move, advancing two squares on its first move instead of one, was first introduced in Spain in 1280.  Starting a game by making two pawn moves before the opponent moved was common in Germany and Holland up to the 16th century, and st... Read More »

  • Malta

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    The first recorded chess game in Malta was in 1880.  Leone Benjacar wrote chess articles for the Daily Malta Chronicle in 1880 and created the Malta Chess Club.  The Maltese Chess Association was formed in 1923.   The first off... Read More »

  • Bronstein, David

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    David Ionovich Bronstein (1924-2006) was a Grandmaster (1950) and winner of the first, and strongest,  Interzonal in 1948 at Saltsjobaden  who survived an assassination attack during the tournament.  On the last day Bronstein was pl... Read More »

  • Fedorowicz, John

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    John Peter Fedorowicz, born Sep 27, 1958, is an American Grandmaster (1986) who was U.S. Junior co-champion in 1977 and champion in 1978.  He won the U.S. Open in 1981 and the New York Open in 1989.  He took 3rd in the 1984 and the 1987 ... Read More »

  • Staunton chessmen

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    The only type of chess set allowed in FIDE events.  In the 1978 World Championship match in Baguio, none of the chess sets shown to Karpov and Korchnoi just before the match were of the Staunton pattern.  Someone had to drive to Manila t... Read More »

  • Gaprindashvili, Nona

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    Nona Terentievna Gaprindashvili, born May 3, 1941, was the first woman to achieve the men's International Grandmaster title, in 1978.  She became the first woman to win a "men's" chess tournament when she tied for first plac... Read More »