♔ Awesome Amazons

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Apr 13, 2013
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We are an ALL FEMALE GROUP open to Awesome ladies of ALL RATINGS, and just like the Amazon women of myth and legend we aim to be the most powerful group of all women and men ever. With a huge dose of style and strength we rebel against the men-dominated society and live in isolated places and bustling metropolises, peaceful, strong, beautiful women gathered in one place, sharing the same goals, of being the best, and of being in control of our own destinies. The chess board seems like the perfect place, to re-enact what our past sisters have done, but this time, without the need of bloodshed! You are invited to join our group, “Awesome Amazons”, a group of women from all walks of life having one idea in mind, to be the most awesome female group on chess.com, building friendships across the globe, sharing ideas about life, culture and chess. Oh and of course, to beat the men at a game or two of chess...