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Adults only group

Adults only group

Everywhere Founded: Apr 3, 2009
Members: 165
The Adult only group was created to fill a need for a place where adults can play chess, discuss matters of interest and let their hair down without needing to worry too much about causing offence. Think of this group as a pub, bar or coffee house where chess happens to be the main business of the day. Most things are tolerated and if you overstep the line an informal warning is more likely than a ban. Interested? If you are over 25 then request membership. It would help if you messaged one or both of the super admins with a few words about yourself if your profile is a little sparse.


  • Online Oct 22, 2016

    Donna Chadwick | Manchester, England

    Joined Club: Apr 17, 2009

  • Online Dec 14, 2016

    jeff horton | left field, United States

    Joined Club: Oct 17, 2009

  • Online Jul 13, 2014

    llorenç boldu | barcelona, Catalonia

    Joined Club: Apr 3, 2012


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