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Amigos de abort.

Amigos de abort.

Founded: Jan 13, 2011
Members: 4
First things first: I WILL NOT SPAM YOU! Serious. Now with THAT out of the way... The purpose of this group is to get my friends together in one place and talk chess... amongst other things. I am really grateful to have friends here on the site that are willing to help me with my chess. THANK YOU! Mono, please post music here! Always interested in hearing new music. Also, I would love to get some GROUP POWER goin’ with my ideas for the site. I know you guys got suggestions too. Anyways... If I invite you, please join. I’ll keep it small too. Promise: NO SPAM!!! Ah, this group is private atm.


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    Rolden (KVK RIP) | Auckland, New Zealand

    Joined Club: Jan 13, 2011


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