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Andrew Argyle Group

Andrew Argyle Group

Worthing, West Sussex Founded: Sep 16, 2013
Members: 28
This group is for people who were friends of Andyargy, a great guy who passed away on 4th January 2014. Andy was such a fun, warm hearted guy, he was very friendly and light hearted, all the way through his battle with lung cancer and right to the end. He didn't let it change his character or outlook on life. He was a happy person who didn't let other's bring him down and he will be remembered in this way.


  • Online Dec 31, 2013

    Andrew Argyle | Worthing, West Sussex, England

    Joined Club: Sep 16, 2013

  • Online Oct 18, 2017

    Eskarina Smith | The Fortress, United Kingdom

    Joined Club: Sep 16, 2013


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