Arena Kings Championship Season 1

Aug 2, 2018
Thank you for the quick response and information as always Simon
Sep 11, 2018
Hey guys, yes there will be an announcement shortly. It got delayed by a bit but should be out in the next 24 hours. Sorry for the delay :(
has there been an official announcement for the next season?
Aug 6, 2018
ggs today everyone
Great tournaments all, thanks for the games
Arena Kings Finals Season 1

Arena Kings Finals Season 1

SimonMTL | Aug 4, 2018
Hi everyone, Welcome to the official club for the Arena Kings Streamers Championship Season 1 finals! If you're in the club, you've qualified!  On Monday August 6, we will be hosting two Arenas. Note that these arenas will be "club" arenas, reserved to the members of this club only. - The first one will be at the same time as usual, 12pm (noon) Pacific. This will be a Bullet Arena (1|0). - The second one will be at 2:05pm Pacific time (giving you time to enroll and take a quick ...